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Discover the secrets of the famous United States Capitol Building by collecting the amazing LEGO Architecture version, focusing on the building's classical style facade, gardens and steps, finished off with a majestic? U.S.? Capitol? Remove the dome from the front entrance to access the Rotunda, depicting the National Statuary Hall as well as a series […]

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The best LEGO Architecture set is no doubt one of my personal favorites. As a child, I remember my fascination with these colorful plastic bricks and buildings, and their ability to transform any set I was playing with into a fully functioning model city or village. While some sets are strictly for play, others can […]

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LEGO has announced that they will be giving out two limited edition sets of LEGO Frank Lloyd Wright to The Coolestist readers for free! Want to win one? Head on over to the Coolestist LEGO Frank Lloyd Wright giveaway page right now for details. Frank Lloyd Wright was a very famous architect who designed some […]

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If you have an interest in model trains and love the Lego style of building, there's a good chance you already know of the many interesting stories and legends surrounding the Golden Gate Bridge. If you aren't familiar with it, here are some of the popular facts and myths that have grown out of the […]

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Lego Architecture Cities is one of the best Lego sets available on the market today. With its many buildings and structures, this set includes a lot of detail. The great thing about this Lego set is that it also has many other parts to play with such as cars, trucks and other vehicles. There are […]

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LEGO house architecture set (20912) was out for a short time on ShopAtHome. They then took it off the list and later released a vague statement saying it would soon be back on sale. Now, LEGO has issued yet another statement stating that the LEGO City Airport model and the LEGO City Airport Express set […]